Personal Integration Guide in Amsterdam

There are sometimes occasions that one needs the language services of a thereto-qualified person who is always at hand for a certain period. One could think of a businessman or woman whose abilities to speak a given language are limited and who needs the assistance of a translator for his or her scheduled meetings or someone who likes to get to know the Netherlands, its people and its culture during a short stay over here and who would appreciate the company of a guide who knows the way in all these fields. For those people we recently started our Personal Integration Guide Services. Of course we are well aware of the fact that there should be a certain 'compatibility of character' when you spend more than a few hours in the company of a person. For this reason we always schedule a previous meeting between our client and the concerned language guide to make certain both feel comfortable and that the client will look back at a well spent time.

€ 40,- per hr. + additional costs like transport, entry fees etc.

Our teachers are ready to join your cultural programs in Amsterdam and Holland. They can be stand-by during the day or week, depending on your needs and wishes.

What can a guide do for you or your family?

  • relocation advices
  • school advices
  • job interview advice



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