Easy Story: about Easy Dutch Plus

TonThe language institute Easy Dutch Plus was founded by the coordinator Ton Tijhuis in 1990.The school has since developed a unique approach to language teaching. Our method can be characterised by its well-balanced integration of personal interests and practical learning objectives. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a valuable combination of quality and flexibility. The pleasant cosmopolitan atmosphere in our classes makes learning an enjoyable and successful experience. The Easy Dutch Plus team is a select group of native speaking multilingual professional teachers, each one having vast experience in teaching students of many nationalities. We devote ourselves to help clients achieve faster and better results and we are looking forward to welcome you in one of our classes.

Your coordinator Ton Tijhuis

Easy Dutch Plus applies many modern and highly approved methods to meet our clients' personal or professional requirements. Students' specific needs are evaluated before commencing a course in order to ensure their lessons are structured accordingly. If requested, we offer special programmes tailored to clients' specific professional needs.

Courses (adult + children)
There is a broad choice of possible courses including group classes of 4 to 8 persons as well as individual classes. You can also choose to take a suitable combination of both.

Children (from the age of 6 and above) are equally welcome to follow a language course. We have a special program that makes learning a playful and rewarding experience with teachers who really care.

unique approach to language teaching





Special activities
In addition to the language programmes, we provide activity programmes where clients can gain a cultural insight into their new environment.

Easy Dutch Plus language courses take place at our conveniently located school office, in the very heart of Amsterdam.


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