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We also organize very intensive courses from 15 till 30 hours per week.
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  • Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Easy Dutch Plus is specialized in learning dutch
  • Special courses for state exams (NT2)
  • Special courses for immigration exams
  • Flexible, fast, all year round: you can start every week with your course
  • Intensive courses (10-40 hours p/week)
  • Partime courses (2-10 hours p/week)
  • Group courses: 4 to maximum of 8 students in the class
  • Special group courses: intensive courses + summer courses
    • All year long we offer special intensive courses. In the summer months these courses start every two weeks and the rest of the year once a month. You will have 15 hours of group tuition a week during two, three or four weeks. A program of 9 hours a week during three and a half weeks is also possible.
  • intensive combination of individual ├índ group hours NEW
  • Individual classes
    • Intensive courses (10-40 hours p/week)
    • Partime courses (2-10 hours p/week)
  • Literature courses
  • Incompany business classes

Time schedule courses (individual+ group)

individual + group

Monday - Sunday
all year round*

10:00 - 13:00 hrs
Flexible, fast, all year round: you can start every week with your course!
14:00 - 17:00 hrs
19:00 - 22:00 hrs







*Except for New Year's Eve (31 December), New Year's Day (January 1 ), Easter,
Whitsun, Christmas (December 25-26)


A course consists of 1 module of 30 hours. The duration of 1 course will take you approximately 1 month. The duration of 3 courses will take you approximately 3-4 months. This level will make your immigration exam possible. After this level (module IIB) we have special courses (module III) for NT2 exams, literature or theater.

It is possible to subscribe per module. We offer also extra modules specially aimed at exam training and we offer special intensive courses and summer courses.

At the end of every course: a test and a teachers advice

The most popular schedule for a module is 2 classes a week during 5 weeks or 3 classes a week during 3,5 weeks.

Most popular group course example  

Module I

Module II A + B Module III **  
Basic level Lower & Upper Intermediate level Advanced level  
30 hours 30 hours 30 hours


10-40 hrs/wk

Duration weeks
3-5 weeks 3-5 weeks 6-10 weeks
The duration of the course depends on your needs, your start-level and depends on the kind of course you choose:
parttime or intensive, individual or group
Emphasis is on pronunciation and practical use of language skills.You will acquire a basic vocabulary based upon the frequency list of the 1000 most used words and learn to communicate in practical, everyday situations. We will help you to acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of the Dutch grammar. Reading skills will be further developed. You will be able to communicate on a more abstract level and to understand simple newspaper articles. Fluency and written command will be perfected. The main rules of grammar will be mastered. Reading of short novels and simple poetry.  
**Students of Dutch will start their preparation for the (non-obligatory) official exams:
- State-exam Dutch NT2 program1: high educated jobs in Holland
- State-exam Dutch NT2 program2: entry to academy (HBO) and university (WO)
- Certificate of the International Certificate Conference

These official exams will make a very good impression on your Curriculum Vitae!

Flexible and personal planning
You can determine the frequency of your classes in accordance to your own personal needs and time schedule. If requested we can organise specific theme courses. Several companies, but also individual students have already opted for this interesting solution. There are 2 computers (Windows) at the disposition of our students for study purposes like pronunciation training, language drills, research on the internet and so on. Apart from language acquisition, we offer also international literature and poetry classes. It's evident that these courses - apart from broadening your view - will help to increase your language skills.

I know exactly what kind of course I want
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